Does this sound familiar?

You have been studying Spanish for years but you still struggle to speak naturally and effortlessly.

You are afraid of making mistakes in Spanish, you can´t find your words, and your mind goes blank when you speak.

Maybe you already speak fluently but your pronunciation and accent don´t match your real level of ability and you feel awkward when you speak.

You struggle to understand native speakers and get frustrated because you fail to make meaningful connections and can´t fully enjoy your interactions.

I am here to help you break through your obstacles.

What is The Fluency Hub?

The Fluency Hub is a place without borders for people like you who live or work in an international and multicultural environment and want to be able to express themselves confidently and fluently and become better intercultural speakers.

This is a place to enjoy speaking in Spanish and where speaking with personality is better than speaking with perfection.

I am taking you on a fluency journey

I am Rocio, the one spinning the wheel at The Fluency Hub.

Living and speaking several languages has allowed me to meet people from all over the world and develop a cross-cultural understanding.

In today´s highly interconnected world, speaking a language fluently goes hand in hand with the ability to show openness and interact with all kinds of people and understand cultural differences.


Communicate confidently and connect

Maybe your story is full of languages and places too. And when you are asked where you are from, you always have the nagging feeling that your answer is only a partial truth.

I get you. I feel the same.

Born to a Kabylian-Algerian father and a Galician-Spanish mother, I was born in Galicia in the north of Spain, in a village bordering Portugal.

And from the age of 7, I grew up in Geneva, the French-speaking side of Switzerland.

When I was young, my mixed origins were a source of insecurity and self-doubts. I felt I didn´t fit anywhere.

Today, my cultural cocktail is my superpower. My strength. I am from here and there. I am from all the places where I created bonds and with which I feel connected by the languages I speak.

I am trilingual in Galician, Spanish, and French, and I have different degrees of fluency in a few other languages. Some went a little bit rusty because of a lack of practice. 

I spent a few years living in several European countries and in 2007 I traveled to Japan. What I thought would be a 3-month journey turned into a 5-year stay.

When the time comes to leave Japan, I don´t feel like jumping on a plane. I have a better plan: I will cross Asia by land.

I leave Japan alone on a fully loaded bicycle. With 6 panniers and 30kg of equipment, I set off on a solo adventure. For nearly 6 years, the journey will take me by sea and land across the Asian continent to Spain.

My experience of more than 10 years in Asia living and traveling in the most remote places has opened me to new ways of perceiving the world and becoming aware of my own cultural background.

And there you are. You have come here because you want to break through the barriers that prevent you from speaking fluently and becoming a better intercultural speaker. Well, I´ll tell you that the adventure of speaking a language fluently, it´s a little bit like a long-distance bike ride: every step counts.

Some fun facts about me

Yes, that´s me in the photo above cycling through the desert in Iran.

Despite working with sounds and specializing in phonetic correction, I have no talent for music and I sing terribly.

I went around the world on a ship with Japanese passengers while teaching Spanish.

I am fascinated with the lives of the greatest female explorers and travelers of the 20th century when traveling alone was a revolutionary act: Ella Maillart, Dervla Murphy, Alexandra David-Neil..

If it´s your first time here…

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