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Your Spanish Fluency Starter Kit

Do you want to unlock your spoken fluency in Spanish but you don´t know where to start?

With this workbook, you will identify the challenges that prevent you from speaking freely and confidently in Spanish.

pronunciation guide

A short guide to Spanish pronunciation

You feel tongue-tied when you speak and want to get those words to flow out of your mouth to sound more natural?

In this short guide, I share 5 powerful tips to unlock your Spanish voice and transform the way you speak and hear Spanish.

intercultural fluency
Test your intercultural fluency

Do you live or work in a Spanish-speaking environment and sometimes you feel like fish out of water?

Grab this 10-question quiz to test your intercultural fluency across the Spanish-speaking world and avoid cultural misunderstandings.

I am Rocio, your fluency mentor

I am trained in Phonetic Practices and Verbal Fluency and help people who live or work in an international and multicultural environment to communicate confidently and fluently.

I help you wake up to the new sounds and unlock that part of you that dreams to live life in Spanish.

I help you find joy and confidence in Spanish for a greater impact on your interactions and life experiences.

What my international speakers say

If you want to perfect your pronunciation, I 100% recommend Rocío. She has in-depth knowledge about phonetics and the difficulties English speakers have. The course is very well structured and I feel much more confident now that I have the basics down.


“El curso de pronunciación está muy bien organizado y estructurado. A pesar de ya hablar español fluido, tenía problemas con la pronunciación y hemos trabajado reglas básicas y aspectos de la fonética española que ni siquiera conocía. Rocio me dió toda las herramientas y me enseñó estrategias muy útiles para mejorar mi pronunciación."

Antoine – France

“Rocio is very supportive and always encourages me to express myself. She speaks different languages and has a rich cultural background, which enriches our discussions.”

Sumio – Japan

“Rocio è una insegnante molto paziente, flessible e abile per comprendere le nostre necessità. Le lezioni sono dinamiche e lei è in grado di creare un ambiente accogliente e un rapporto amichevole, di modo che io mi sento a mio agio. Un’altra sua caratteristica che trovo veramente utile è la sua comprensione delle altre lingue, il que fa con che lei capisca."

Augusto – Brazil/Italy

“ I have learned a lot with Rocio and now I have much more confidence to speak Spanish:) スペイン語を勉強する日本人がつまづきやすいポイントや文法を丁寧に解説してくれ、毎週とても楽しく授業を受けています。また文法だけでなく、日本とスペインの文化や生活の違いについても話すことができ、新しい発見が毎回あります!いつもありがとう、ロシオ!"

Tomoko – Japan

“Rocio is an enthusiastic teacher and is very well organized. The pronunciation and accent training course was very well structured and it exceeded my expectations."

Ayal – USA

“As aulas com a Rocio me fizeram perder o medo de falar em francês. A prática de conversação me deixou mais confiante. Sua didática aborda não só a conversação como também a gramática. A evolução é notável."

Cristina – Brazil

“It´s very helpful that Rocio can speak Japanese and understands our culture. She helps me find ways to express what I really want to say."

Mirei – Japan

“ Rocio’s lessons are productive, interesting, and fun. She has an in-depth knowledge of the language and how to teach it."

Siubhan – Ireland

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