reto pronunciación

Would you like to improve your Pronunciation in Spanish in a practical and intuitive way?

This challenge is for you if you want to:

be more aware of your pronunciation to speak more clearly

open your ears to some common aspects of the spoken language that have a huge impact on the way you speak and hear Spanish

learn some effective techniques to practice and improve your pronunciation

start speaking more naturally so that you can connect better with native speakers

gain control over your pronunciation to feel more confident and enjoy your conversations

start creating good pronunciation habits that you can integrate in your study of Spanish, even beyond the course

What does the challenge include?

10 videolessons


10 challenges


Tips for self-assessment

1 private group

You are here because you have good reasons to improve your pronunciation in Spanish, right?

Maybe you spend a lot of time listening to podcasts, watching series and movies in Spanish, reading out loud, and repeating the same tongue twisters again and again…

but your pronunciation doesn´t improve.

And you feel defeated:

😒 you don´t like the way you sound and you avoid hearing your voice in Spanish

😓 you feel you need to make a lot of efforts to articulate and your sentences never seem to flow

😟 you feel insecure because you think that native people won´t understand you when you speak

😣 you feel frustrated because you DO understand your teacher, but you still struggle to understand the spoken Spanish that you hear outside the classroom

😀 you feel there is a gap between what you know in your head (grammar and vocab) and what comes out of your mouth and your pronunciation does not match your real level of ability

🤔 you feel overwhelmed with all the resources available on the internet, you don´t know where to start and you need accountability to feel you are moving in the right direction

But there is a problem:

You can´t improve your pronunciation through the written language.

If you want to improve your pronunciation, you need to implement speaking exercises actively.

Maybe you are able to recognize written words, but you are unable to recognize the sounds associated with them, and what you hear often feels like a mumble of unrecognizable speech.

Well, the thing is that we don´t speak as we write.


Spoken Spanish, as any other language, has it´s own rules and patterns, different from the written rules.

How did you learn to speak your mother tongue?

With your ears, right?

So, if you want to improve your pronunciation and your spoken Spanish, you need to start learning with your ears.

And it is very likely you apply the sounds of your native language when you speak Spanish, and you are not even aware.

And that is one of the reasons you feel your Spanish sounds unnatural. There is no flow.

So the first thing you need to do, the very first thing, is to open your ears to become more aware and start listening to Spanish in a new way.

Y then practice effectively with the right exercises.


So, let´s imagine for a moment that you have more control over your pronunciation:

✔ You would feel more confident to engage in conversations without being constantly afraid of being misunderstood.

✔ You would actually start enjoying speaking in Spanish.

✔ You would feel so proud to sound more natural and be better understood.

✔ You would become a better listener and you will understand spoken Spanish better.

✔ And, I am not going to lie to you: you will also make a great impression on others and you would connect with them instantly


Because there is something you need to know:

An accurate and comprehensible pronunciation connects you with native speakers in a way that grammar will never do.

And for this reason, I have created RETO 10 :

RETO 10 PRONUNCIA is a 10-day challenge to boost your pronunciation in Spanish in a very intuitive and practical way.

Even if you don´t have much time.

Even if you think you are tone-deaf.

Even if you have no idea about phonetics.

The minimum practice I recommend a day is 10-15 minutes. More if you have time.

The RETO focuses on two key elements of pronunciation: rhythm and vowels.

A word of warning here:

this challenge is not for you if you want to learn how to pronounce some consonant sounds, like the vibrant R.

In fact, you should know that you won´t find any lesson about consonants. I have other courses more adapted to your needs that address the pronunciation of the consonants.

Instead, what you will find in the RETO 10 PRONUNCIA is something that has a huge impact on your fluency and spoken Spanish.

You will find practical retos (challenges) where I have put a lot of thought.

They will help you become more aware of some things we do when we speak and that has a huge impact on your pronunciation and foreign accent.

And you will start to understand fast-spoken Spanish better and sound more natural.


Ok, maybe you are wondering:

Can I really improve my pronunciation in 10 days, Rocio?

Let´s be clear. I can´t promise you that in 10 days you will speak like a native and erase your foreign accent.

Of course I cannot. I would be lying to you and it´s not even a realistic goal.

But I want to assure you that you don´t need to speak like a native to speak confidently and fluently.

What I can promise you instead is that in 10 days you will be more aware of your pronunciation of the vowels and the sense of rhythm in Spanish.

Rhythm is present in language and music and it connects us all in an universal way.

In 10 days you will start opening your ears to a new way of listening to spoken Spanish.

You will go from feeling insecure to having more control over some aspects of your pronunciation.

Hey, I am Rocio.

And I help you improve your pronunciation and boost your fluency so that you can have more meaningful experiences.

I am a Spanish and French teacher and speak a few languages with different degrees of fluency.

I am bilingual in Spanish and French and these days I use also Galician-Portugues, English, and Japanese on a frequent basis.

I am trained in speaking fluency strategies and phonetic practices based on the Verbotonal method and I can identify the difficulties and obstacles that prevent you from speaking naturally and clearly.

This is what my students say:

If you want a teacher who’s not only fun & pleasant to talk to, but a teacher who is organized, curious & experimental in her teaching approach—Rocio is the teacher for you. She takes a rare & unconventional, but proven, approach when it comes to the phonetic and pronunciation side of language. You’ll see that she puts huge amounts of work into developing customized exercises to cultivate sound awareness and ability in Spanish.

Yon, Australia

Rocio is equipped with professional knowledge to improve students’ pronunciation.

Lily Ho, Hong Kong

I liked the challenges. I like that they gave me discipline and were serving the purpose of improvement. I would find myself doing the retos 10 times to try to get it without mistakes. Stressful until you realize this is the intensity I had been needing. A reto serves as a discipline and a push.

Brian, UK

Je comprends mieux l’aspect phonétique et les astuces de prononciation et je trouve cela très utile.

Lavinia, Hong Kong

If you want to perfect your pronunciation, I 100% recommend Rocío. She has in-depth knowledge of phonetics and the difficulties English speakers have.

Monica, Australia

This is how the RETO works:


Every day you will discover an aspect of Spanish pronunciation in a short video.



After watching the lesson, you will take action and activate your pronunciation or listening ability with a challenge.



Then you can check and analyze your performance with the self-assessment guide lines.



If you want, you can share your progress and takeaways with a private group and feel accountable.

And I have more things for you…


You will have 10 % off in the upcoming cohort of The Fluency Lab, my signature program to transform your pronunciation. This bonus will only be available for 48 hours, until Wednesday 10th.

BONUS 1: Q & A Session

I love to meet my students and your questions will be answered. We will meet at the end of the program for a Q & A session. 


In this short guide, you will find everything you need to know about phonetics explained simply and clearly (even though you have no idea about Phonetics).


In this audio-presentation, you will learn how to pronounce 35 international brands that you are probably mispronouncing.

You still have questions?

¿In which language is delivered the RETO?

In Spanish. But you should not worry. I use simple language easy to understand.

Will you give me personal feedback?

No. It does not include personal feedback. If you need individual feedback, I have other courses and programs that include this service. Instead, you will find some guide lines for self-assessment.

What´s the daily time investment?

The exercises are designed so that you should invest some 10-20 minutes a day.

Will the RETO erase my foreign accent?

No, erasing your foreign accent is not the goal of the RETO. It´s not realistic and it´s not even necessary. The goal of the RETO is to help you boost your pronunciation and listening skills with simple, yet effective techniques.

Will you teach me how to roll my Rs?

No. In fact, you won´t practice any consonant sound in this RETO. The two aspects you will train are rhythm and vowels.

Is there any refund guarantee?

Please note that the RETO is not refundable.

What level of Spanish should I have?

If you understand 70-80 % of my weekly newsletters, you will be fine. The RETO is for students who have an intermediate level and above. I use simple language and clear pronunciation in the video lessons.

When does it start?

The RETO starts at the end of September. When you purchase the course, you will receive the details to access my online school and you will have direct access to some Bonuses. In September, you will receive an email to remind you we are about to start.

Do you still have questions?

Still have questions? info@thefluencyhub.com I will answer you asap.

At a glance, this is what the discounted offer includes:


10 vídeo lessons in simple and clear Spanish


10 challenges to boost your pronunciation and open your ears to the intricacies of spoken Spanish


self-assessment worksheets to be an independent learner and self-assess your pronunciation


1 private community to share your journey and experience (optional) and feel accountable

And 4 bonuses:


Special 10% discount on the upcoming cohort of The Fluency Lab, a 10-week program (this special bonus is only available until Wednesday 10th, 23h59 CET time)


Q & A Video


An easy-to-understand pronunciation guide to know the very basics before we start (even if you don´t have no idea about phonetics).


An audio presentation to learn how to pronounce 35 international brands in Spanish.


Don´t miss it! We start on Monday 15th.